Watch servicing

Don't fiddle with the date wheel between 9pm and 4am. If it has a phantom date then good luck!


Strip down

  • Time with Android app
  • Remove caseback
  • Estimate amplitude
  • Let down mainspring
  • Remove case clamps
  • Remove stem/crown
  • Decase
  • Reinsert stem/crown
  • Remove
    • Balance wheel
    • Hands
    • Dial
    • Hour wheel and dial washer
    • Cannon pinion
  • Put in movement holder
  • Cleaning
    • Soak large components in Renata
    • Dip small components in Renata


  • Oil jewels with 9010
  • Grease high friction components with 8300
  • Clean dial with water
  • Fit hands
  • Blow dust
  • Put back in case
  • Time with Android app
  • Regulat
  • Estimate amplitude using slow motion mode on phone
  • Clean crystal with Polywatch
  • Buff caseback


  • Remove balance
  • Remove click
  • Remove and rewind a mainspring by hand
  • Remove and refit hands
  • Get a box of old movements that you can destroy
  • I've found it very useful to have two of the same movement so you can use one as a reference and/or donor

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