Miso-seaweed bread


Proportion Ingredient grammes
100% Shipton Mill white organic bread flour 500
65% Evian mineral water 325
10% Sanchi Hatcho Miso 50
5% Fresh yeast 25
2% Billington's Organic Golden Granulated 10
2% Poppy seeds 10
2% Sussex Gold extra virgin rapeseed oil 10
0.5% Dried seaweed 2.5

You can replace the miso with 2% Pro Fusion Himalayan Rose Pink salt. Also, you don't need to use Evian, but if you are using tap water you can boil it and let it cool to remove some of the chlorine: give the yeast a leg up.


  • Make a miso solution with the water, poppy seeds and oil
  • 30 minute rest
  • Combine 60% of the flour
  • Leave to rest for 8 hours
  • Mix yeast and sugar
  • Yeast/sugar mix with the remaining flour
  • 1 hour lazy baker knead (see below)
  • Dust with flour
  • 40 minute prove at 35°C
  • 35 minutes in oven at 225°C

Lazy baker knead

I got this technique from a Dan Lepard book. Traditionally you go at your bread for 10 minutes solid but alternatively you can keep poking it periodically over the course of an hour. Bascially you just give it 10 kneads, cover it and leave it for 10 minutes. And you repeat that for an hour or so whilst the gluten develops.


The 8-hour rest isn't absolutely necessary but a pre-ferment stage breaks down some of the anti-nutrients in the flour husks. See poolish.


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