• Rental income – passive/residual income: make money whilst you sleep
  • Capital growth – generational wealth: leverage
  • Rental growth – protection and preservation of wealth, beating inflation

Leverage in property

  • Mortgage
  • Net wealth: deposit x4 x 1.1

Property prices double every ten years.

  • Don't time the market, time in the market is the key.
  • Limiting beliefs.
  • I will stop giving myself excuses
  • You're the average of the five people you spend most time with

Employee versus entrepreneur

  • Reliant on people all the time
  • Education, decision, action

"What you don't hate you will learn to tolerate."

  • 70% main source of income
  • 20% working on
  • 10% what you're educating yourself

Deal packaging

  • Always deal package buy to lets, everybody wants them
  • As a secondary measure, deal package the latest thing

Sourcing fee

  • Find an opportunity and introduce to investor.
  • Become a magnet for investors
  • LAPS sales magnifier
  • Lead magnets: draw investors to you




Needs analysis


  • Where are you at right now
  • Where do you want to get to
  • What have you tried
  • Here's how I can help

Put forward enough proposals and you get...


Always reward action takers.

  • Area assessment: knowing which areas to look
  • Analysers: to assess deals

  • Objection is not rejection: an opportunity to overcome their problem with your soltion

  • I am a solutions provider
  • Make it as simple as possible through systemisation: from now, everything you do ask: is it likely this task will come up again? If so, write a system

Cast iron contracts

  • NDA, non circumvention
  • Reservation forms
  • Disclaimers
  • Privacy policies
  • T&Cs


  • Investors
  • Properties
  • Income

30% or profits should go on marketing.

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