Cheap tool comparison

Hand levers

  • Bergeon £40
  • eBay £4

The Bergeon are, of course, finished very well; but they are just plastic sticks at the end of the day. Also you always use dial protector so the tool itself doesn't touch the dial.

Crystal press

  • Bergeon £££
  • eBay £20

Haven't actually used a Bergeon but the cheap one has been fine so far. I actually built up a felt dome on the bottom half of the press with decreasing sizes of felt furniture pads.

Barrel press

  • Bergeon £££
  • eBay £5

Very simple bit of plastic. Does a simple job well and difficult to justify the Bergeon.

Movement holder

The cheapie is OK, but Bergeon's is actually pretty reasonable and much better made.

  • Bergeon £20
  • Economy (H&S Walsh) £5

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