EV in Brighton

We have a home charger. The street chargers include free parking but there are some inside car parks where you have to pay for both!

Around town most of the street chargers required the Blink app. There are a handful of rapid chargers, but if you're coming down from London you pass a couple of superchargers at Gatwick.

Zap Map is the standard app but there's also Electric Brighton.

Description Power Current mph Voltage
Lamppost 3.7kW 16A 14 240V
Home 7.4kW 32A 28 240V
Supercharger 250kW 520A 648 480V

See Tesla Supercharger and evbox.com.

Outline of the process below. However, it is a bit error prone and a couple of times I've just given up, but the free parking whilst charging is great. They do get ICEd quite often -- perhaps because they're relatively discrete -- which doesn't happen on the very clearly-marked green EV bays in town.

  • Register online and add a payment card
  • Install the app
  • Uses the standard Type II connector
  • Find a charger and "check in" to the correct charger (check the ID above the socket)
  • Wait for it to churn with a blank screen for a bit...
  • You will then get charged £50 (so you need at least that much in the bank)
  • When you disconnect the car you will be refunded the difference
  • Works out about 61p per kWh


  • CCS2 "Combo 2" (Combined Charging Connector) -- what a design this is!
  • IEC Type II -- the normal one you'll see everywhere
  • CHAdeMO -- weird one that you need an adapter for

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