FFMPEG examples


ffmpeg -ss 79 -i VID_20160917_183404.mp4 -t 3.75 -r 24 -y -vf 'rotate=PI' hs.gif


ffmpeg -i REC00019.AVI -vf reverse rev.mp4

MP4 to looped GIF

ffmpeg -i blah.mp4 -loop 0 looped.gif

Prepare MP3 for YouTube

ffmpeg -loop 1 -r 1 -i pic.jpg -i audio.mp3 -c:a copy -shortest output.avi

From superuser.

Swap the audio on a video

Specify audio first. Includes offset and write to a MOV as WhatsApp doesn't recognise AVIs.

ffmpeg -i audio.mp3 -i video.mov -shortest new.mov -y
ffmpeg -v verbose -i Dance.mp3 -i blah.mp4 -shortest -vf reverse syd.mov -y

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